Everyday, I am seeing more and more LOGO / PROMO tees and Im over it!!!!


People are charging others to promote their brand… I personally will NOT buy a logo tee unless its a close friend that I want to support.

The only time I have seen Logo tees sell is when the logo is attached to a celeb or person with a large platform.. but even that makes the consumer FEEL like they are a part of something by supporting their favorite person. Which is why they post about them more than their friends..

they like the feeling of INCLUSION!!

The design you are selling should evoke an emotion in the consumer.

For example:

“Lets Change the World” : people that believe in changing the world will feel good wearing this shirt.

“Im a Boss B!$#H”: women that feel empowered and bossy and like the term “bitch” will feel strong wearing this shirt.

“WEIRDO”: people that feel like an outcast will feel good wearing this shirt.

Just recently, DEISEL did a “Hate'“ campaign with very vulgar words on their apparel. I personally didnt care for it… but it made people FEEL something which caused attention and SALES!!!

If your design is not words, the imagery should be cool, stand out and be trendy enough to get attention.

So now, ask yourself, does your idea make people FEEL something?

If the answer is no, you will likely have a hard time selling it.