Visual consistency is imperative to branding! Over time, your fonts will change, colors and maybe even your logo, but changing them up daily or even annually, is bad for your brand.

Your audience needs to recognize your brand when they see it. The problem with many budding entrepreneurs is, they use other (accomplished) brands visuals and that only works against them because the audience will see theirs, but will associate it with the original brand they stole it

OR they go to a million different CHEAP designers trying to take the quick route.


Another BIG NO NO: Using different designers for your content…. you may not think its noticeable, but it is.

Lets look at NIKE…. They use the SAME FONTS, SAME LOGO and because their brand color is mainly BLACK, they can use any color they want. The only color I associate NIKE with Orange.

You know a NIKE branded item when you see it. That is how I operate with my brand.

Not really knowing much, I had many different logos during my first 4 years of business…. In 2008, I created my official “BEE” logo and ran with that same logo for 7 years! In 2015, I updated it into a newer version which is what I currently have. Because of my visual consistency, my audience will be able to easily recognize me. My font choices have changed, but the overall look of my brand has been somewhat consistent. I wont lie and say I have followed my own rules, because I haven’t, but I do know how important it is…. so I will listen to my own advice!

As long as my LOGO DOESN’T CHANGE, I will be able to effectively brand my company!

With social media becoming the main marketing tools, visual consistency is even more important now than it’s ever been!

Here are a few tips for maintaining visual consistency:

  1. If using filters, use the same filter each time.

  2. Use the SAME FONT! Having 2 fonts is ok, but they should look good together.

  3. Use the same color palette. Don’t want a specific color, use black!

  4. Keep the same feel, tone or look of your posts on social media.

  5. Make sure YOUR brand is YOUR BRAND and not a KNOCK OFF of someone else’s

Want help with your brand visuals? Contact me for a consultation! I’ll get you right!

Good luck!