What is “people watching” you ask?

Since everyones lives are so accessible now, it’s easy to get consumed by how they live theirs and become somewhat envious of their “highlight reel”.

But… lets discuss the PROS of people watching when it comes to Business!

  1. You can witness your competitions moves. Not in a way to copy them, but to make sure you stand out from them.

  2. Stay up to date with the new trends.

  3. Inspiration. Sometimes content inspires new ideas in you!!

  4. Problem solving! You can avoid some issues by watching how others in a similar field

    handle them.

  5. Motivation. Sometimes People Watching motivates you to step ya shit up!

Now that we got the PRO’s out of the way! Lets discuss some CON’s!

  1. You can become envious and start doubting yourself.

  2. You copy their moves and become unoriginal.

  3. You become way too consumed and lose sleep trying to keep up!

  4. You lose productivity time that can be used on your own brand!

  5. You forget your own purpose and identity.

Social Media is powerful and if used right, it can be a helpful tool to building your brand! But … too much of anything is bad for you, be mindful of the time spent watching others!!!