Everyone isn’t meant to be an entrepreneur… sometimes I wonder if I

I put this list together to help you decide if thats the life for you!

  1. You are never satisfied with “Good Enough”… you have a burning desire to achieve greatness!

  2. You love to take risks! Business owners take risks daily. Some lose it all. Some gain. It comes with the job!

  3. You don’t fit in. You often feel like the “black sheep” from choosing the unconventional path.

  4. You want to make money your own way!!! You want to be directly rewarded for your skills and hard work as opposed to getting paid through an employer.

  5. You are an INTROVERT! This is SO ME! Its not that you don’t like people, you just work better alone.

  6. You have HEART and tenacity to see things through! Entrepreneurship isn’t aways lovely, sometimes you question why the hell you started… but having the ability to push through the hard times means you might be destined for this life!

  7. You’re curious. Being curious often means you have the ability to solve problems BEFORE they arise!

  8. You are confident. It takes a lot of confidence to chase after something that almost feels impossible! It also takes confidence when landing that ideal client! They need to believe in you, but YOU have to believe in YOU first!!

  9. You see the bigger picture. Even if no one else does…. even if it makes no sense….

  10. You take action! Anyone can talk about their ideas… but you actually make them happen!!

Of course there are more traits of a successful entrepreneur, these are just my personal favs! You can read more from my source -CLICK HERE