While I completely understand the advantages of bartering and how it helps during the times that you’re unable to afford the services. It’s very important to understand the rules of bartering. 

Well.... my rules. 

1. Unless the barter is agreed upon PRIOR to the gifting of services, it is considered a donation or a gift. Never assume because someone has a skill or talent, that they are willing to exchange services. 

2. The person may not even need what you have to offer... so the barter won’t be as valuable to them. 

3. Take into consideration of the prices of each persons services. For example, if Sally charges $100 to do hair, and I charge $750 to design a logo, that is not an equal barter. Therefor isn’t as valuable to me as it is to Sally. 

4. Never expect ME to lower the price of my services to meet the price of yours for the purpose of bartering. UNLESS I agreed upon it PRIOR (see #1)

5. Yes, graphics are not tangible. BUT they can be used to create tangible and PROFITABLE items. Stop thinking because it’s not a physical thing it’s less valuable. 

6. Graphics can make you money for a lifetime if done right.... that hair style from Sally only lasts a week. If that. 

7. T shirt designs: you can make $200 a day if your hustle is right... imagine me bartering a shirt design for a photoshoot that only matters for that season. 

8. Common sense is needed when bartering. 

9. When bartering, keep in mind that I am a 15 yr vet...... if I design for you, the quality will reflect that. Whatever you are providing for me, must meet my expectations as well. 

10. Whoever initiated the barter, must hand over services first!

I hope someone learned something today. I very rarely ever barter anymore because the services provided to me in exchange was never up to my standards. I’m stuck with a terrible tattoo now because of it. 

Come correct or pay me what I charge. Mmkay?