BEX ED101: Stop half assing your brand!

Whenever you give away your product,for whatever reason, be sure to include an information card with your contact info. Make it attractive. NEVER handwrite a note. Thats tacky. Get flyer cards made for this specific occasion. This info card needs your IG, FB, website and / or email . Twitter if you think your target audience is there.

ANYTIME you get stickers, buttons, or any other small brand collateral, make sure your IG handle is on there or website. You never know who will get their hands on it! If you're doing pens, if you cant fit it on the pen, get a small business card and attach it with a small ribbon when you hand it out.

ALWAYS act as if your brand will land in the hands of someone that can change your life. STOP half assing your brand and doing minimal shit. Its the little things people overlook that matters most! If you’e not giving your all, stop expecting people to support you!!