ok… so, Many of you are asking, “What is SPEC WORK”.

Spec work is any kind of creative work, either partial or completed, submitted by designers to prospective clients before designers secure both their work and equitable fees.

Or in Bex terms: FREE work for a client with HOPES of securing a bag after. (which never does)

Often times, on social media, we see high profiled influencers post “Tag a graphic designer” or my fav “Design my album art and win a free shout out”….

Nothing boils my blood more than someone WITH THE MONEY hopping on social media to get free work from people that probably DONT! These influencers are taking advantage of a persons desire to be “on” or “known” and I am not ok with that!

I am often tagged in these kinds of posts and I try to be nice… so I simply say “Ill pass”. Many are unaware of the tactics of these high profiled people and think its a great “opportunuty"…. well.. sorry, but its not!!

Being someone that has worked with numerous celebrity clients, I can tell you first hand, that while it may look good to those that are impressed, it doesn’t help your pockets! Shout outs are cool and all… I appreciate the followers, BUT, I can’t deposit my followers into my bank account… and definitely can’t pay my bills with them… so, yea, Ill pass.

What often happens as a result of “spec work” is, the designer works overtime trying to find the best visual solution for the person while 900 others are doing the same…. you’re basically competing to win NOTHING. Maybe notoriety seems exciting… but, Ive had it, and I will say, money excites me more!!!

Lets say you do win, the client probably will use your art and never speak to you again….use your art to make money and you are sitting there with more followers, but no work.. why? because the followers you gained, don’t even need your services OR they can’t afford them…

Let me stop being negative Nancy….

Do what feels right to you. But FIRST AND FOREMOST, know your worth and collect them coins!!

Thanks for reading!